Nikolay L. Moltchanoph (Moltchanov) (b. 1959) well known American/Russian Fine Art Superstar,
writer, poet/songwriter, and Animal Rights activist. 
Nikolay Moltchanoph was born in Northern Russia (Arkhangel region)
and moved to America in 1989 to become active as a fine art painter,
poster artist, poet, writer, photographer and founder of his own
publishing house Moltchanoph Inc. 
The artist is considered the inventor of the painting style
Ultra Sensitive Super Art’ (USSA) and is well-known for his rather
extreme artistic approaches.
In 1994, he hacked, for instance, a fingertip from his left hand
to paint with his own blood the image ‘Spartacus’ (canvas size 40" x 60" ).
Besides, the artist also executed the photo report ‘The Frozen Zone’, which Nikolay had created at the night of
September 11, 2001 in NYC.
Mr. Moltchanoph is also the author (writer & illustrator) of the children's book "Story of Little Snail Ryba and Small Butterfly Kuzia". (ISBN-10: 061153077X   ISBN-13: 978-0-615-53077-2 )
April, 2017. The tremendous success of 
Moltchanoph Inc. Booth #150 at the "Art Expo  NY 2017".
Moltchanoph lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts.